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BLM Message

04 June 2020
Thomas Edison Charter School
Dear students and parents,

As you have witnessed over the past week, thousands of people of all races around the country and world are protesting the senseless murder of George Floyd, and the countless murders of unarmed black men and women. As a school and community, we do not promote or support violence against anyone, and do not want to see another black person die at the hands of police. As always, we stand with you in the fight against racism and any anti-Black actions or language! Black Lives Matter! We appreciate all of our teachers and staff who stand wholeheartedly in support of our students and their families, and all people of color.

If anyone is in need of support or counseling to deal with the traumatic events we have been facing, please feel free to contact the school so we can arrange those supports for you. Together as a community, we can learn to respect every person regardless of race, and promote love over hate. Keep fighting for peace and justice! We love and miss you!