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Welcome to the Thomas A. Edison Art Department Home Page! At Thomas Edison, we believe that the visual arts are a very important part of your child’s education. Students receive art instruction every other day for 40 minutes. The purpose of the art instruction is not necessarily to cultivate future artists, but to offer students experience in the arts that supports other academic endeavors. Students will be provided with a discipline based art education curriculum, which includes art history, art criticism, studio art, and aesthetics.

There are many opportunities for student artists to receive recognition for their achievement in art at school, such as art displays and art shows. Students can also receive outside recognition through local, state, and national contests. In the spring students participate in field trips to the Delaware Art Museum and TECS’s Annual Art Smart. Student artists visit the museum to draw inspiration from the masters and create their own artwork to be displayed at our school-wide Art Smart Night.

We look forward to a great year in our art classes! It is a privilege to work with a school that has such talented students and to share our belief in the power of the arts in developing human potential.

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