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Just a little “note” about the music opportunities at Thomas Edison…

General Music: K-3

Music students will achieve much in terms of musical expression, rhythm, form, melody, timbre, texture, harmony, and much more. Since it is a creative art, students will tap into those creative aspects of music by learning through singing, playing instruments, moving to music, and listening.

Recorder Karate: 4-5

Beginning in 4th grade, students are given the opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument – the recorder. The program we use is Recorder Karate. This is a positive reward system in which students receive colored "karate belts" to hang from their recorders. They earn these belts by correctly playing several recorder songs of increasing difficulty.

Junior Choir: 3-5

This after school performance opportunity is offered as an After Care course. Students will learn basic vocal skills through many creative warm-ups, sing songs from many genres of music, and get used to singing in a musical ensemble. Students will have opportunities to perform during the school day for their peers.

Concert Choir: 6-8

Concert Choir is a new opportunity at TECS this year. Junior Academy students are given the option to sign up for Concert Choir as a class for which they will be graded. Students will have various performance opportunities, including the school’s annual Art Smart night at the Delaware Art Museum, and the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony.

World Drumming: 7-8

World Drumming is another new opportunity for TECS students. 7th grade students will participate in this course for two trimesters and 8th grade students will participate in this course for one trimester. In World Drumming students will learn the power of communication and respect, as well as such musical skills as improvising, listening, and playing together.

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