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Chess Team Competes for 3rd Title!

17 March 2017
Thomas Edison Charter School
Chess Team Competes for 3rd Title!

Thomas Edison Charter School is a K-8 school located in the Inner-City of Wilmington, Delaware. We serve 750 students and 95% of them live at or below the povery level. Wilmington is often in the news for its high crime and murder rate. Our students are rising above these circumstances! Not only are they Delaware's first National Champion Chess Team (2014 and 2016), but our students also attend some of the best high schools and colleges in the Nation.

We need your help! There are nearly 200 students in our school who play chess during the school day in our First Move Chess Program, in the lunchroom and in our after school program. Your support will reach a large number of children. In May, we will be taking 20-25 students by chartered coach bus to the Super National (Grades K-12) Chess Championship in Nashville, Tennessee for six days . The cost, including transportation by coach bus, hotel, meals, and tournament fees for twenty students, will be approximately $20,000-$25,000 ($1000 per student). Students in the inner-city rarely have the opportunity to travel, but with your support they can be exposed to many wonderful experiences and compete on a national level.

Please view this inspirational video on why we can't give up on kids all over the world! This video features some of our students, staff and our principal!

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